How Much Does IV Sedation Cost?

To many, this sounds like a great deal.? IV sedation can do a lot of good, and it can make getting dental surgery a much simpler process.? With so many people suffering from some level of anxiety concerning their dentist and dental procedures, IV sedation, and general anesthesia, are a wonderful way to make the procedures easier on all that the process involves.

How Much Does It Cost?

But surely, IV sedation must be expensive, right? It requires additional training for the dentist, it requires additional materials, it requires additional insurance, it requires additional knowledge, and it adds time and effort to procedures that area already complex and difficult.? Will all this mean a much larger bill for the procedure?

Well, there are a variety of things that go into determining the cost of IV sedation for your procedure.? A few of the things that will be taken into consideration when determining price include:

So, when you go to get a tooth removal and you receive IV sedation, what is it going to cost you? The general answer is that IV sedation costs about four to five hundred dollars per visit.? However, before that number makes you think it is expensive, keep in mind that IV sedation helps your dentist to get more work done at once.?While under sedation, a patient is likely to be able to undergo many procedures, work that can take hours.?

IV sedation helps dentists to get more work done, as well, and when you take into consideration the work that your dentist may accomplish while you?re under sedation, that cost begins to seem much more reasonable.


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