Is IV Sedation an Option for Tooth Extraction?

Some may be wondering where the cut-off is.? What kind of dental procedure or surgery is too minimal or too non-invasive for IV sedation?? If I have a tooth that needs extracting, can I utilize IV sedation to help ensure I?m not conscious of the procedure I?m undergoing, as well as minimizing the pain I?ll feel the first day or so after the procedure?

Well, if you?re worrying about an upcoming tooth extraction, or if you?ve been putting off removing a tooth out of fear that the pain will be unbearable and the experience miserable, you can rest easy.? Dentists across the country are more than happy to utilize IV sedation for those who have a tooth needing extraction.

In What Way Is IV Sedation Useful for A Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction can be a painful experience, especially if the tooth has been falling apart for quite some time.? If the tooth has fallen too far into disrepair, it may even require more extreme surgery to scavenge the remainder of the tooth out of the mouth.? All that cutting and pulling does not sound like it would be pleasant at the best of times, but it is also necessary.

IV sedation is not like local anesthesia.? A dentist will apply local anesthesia via a needle to the area that the dentist will operate on or perform a procedure upon.? This allows for a numbing of the area that the procedure will act upon.

On the other hand, IV sedation will help by relaxing your body and allowing the dentist to extract a tooth, or multiple teeth, with little interference.? Even with the numbing of the area your dentist will operate on, you may still react in various ways, and you may even feel some degree of sensation.

Another problem that is common with more serious dental procedures is anxiety.? People get nervous about the idea of an operation of any kind, even simple ones. When that operation is in their mouth, some people do not react well.? That tension and those reactions, accidental or not, can result in issues for even a dentist with years of experience and considerable skill.? However, with the use of IV sedation, the patient can be put in a state that will leave them less responsive and much less likely to overreact while the dentist is performing complex oral surgery.

If you have worries about your upcoming tooth extraction, you can always ask your dentist about the possibilities for sedation.? Be sure to mention if you have anxiety about having an operation, and your dentist will be able to take that into consideration when discussing your choices with you.


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