Benefits of Using IV Sedation During Wisdom Teeth Removal

Of all the surgery that a dentist might do, there are few things that are as terrifying to the patient as wisdom tooth removal.? We don?t often remove our wisdom teeth because they have fallen into a state of disrepair due to poor dental hygiene.? Most often, we have to remove our wisdom teeth because our mouths cannot fit that many teeth in them, and the least essential teeth are the wisdom teeth.

What Does Removal of Wisdom Teeth Entail?

The wisdom teeth are the teeth furthest back in the mouth.? They are also the teeth that come into your mouth latest in life, if they come in at all (and for some people, they won?t come in). For some people, they will crowd the other teeth, causing malocclusions and dental pain in general, making them feel miserable.? Whatever the case, some people just do not have the room in their mouth to keep their wisdom teeth.

Because of that, removal of the wisdom teeth is common dental surgery, especially for those in their mid-to-late twenties or older.? For some people, the teeth come in just fine and cause no discomfort, but for others, the teeth coming in will require dental surgery to solve the issues with the overcrowding of the teeth.

Removal of the wisdom teeth is very similar to the removal of teeth elsewhere in the mouth, but with a few differences.?These are:

How Does Sedation Help with The Process?

Sedation not only relaxes the patient, but makes them less likely to react in ways that aren?t conducive to the procedure.? When a dentist is working to remove a tooth from an area that is so difficult to reach and manipulate, having a patient who is less responsive is a good thing.? In other words, IV sedation can help to ensure that the removal of the teeth goes smoothly, and it has the additional benefit of making the surgery simpler for your dentist

If you have worries about your wisdom teeth extraction, it doesn?t hurt to ask your sedation dentist what they think about your options for sedation during your wisdom tooth extraction.


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