IV Sedation FAQs

Below we’ve addressed some of the most common questions our patients ask about our IV Sedation Dental services. If you have additional questions please feel free to call our office at (303) 688-3800 and our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

Who does IV sedation dentistry help?

Answer: IV sedation dentistry allows patients to successfully address their anxiety over going to the dentist and receive essential care that improves their dental health over the long term. There are different levels of sedation, all of which bring about different states of relaxation, which enables us to accomplish more dental care in one appointment.

How does IV sedation work?

Answer: IV sedation medication is delivered through a very small needle placed in either the top of your hand or within your inner elbow. IV sedation is designed to relax you and make you completely comfortable. IV sedation also eliminates your anxiety and pain.

Although you may lie back in the dental chair with your eyes closed, you will not be asleep during your appointment and will still be able to respond to verbal cues from your dentist. Because you are completely relaxed, your dentist can accomplish more high-quality dentistry in less time.

Is IV sedation dentistry safe?

Answer: IV Conscious Sedation dentistry is safe and effective. Your vital signs are constantly monitored during your entire dental procedure. We have been doing IV sedation dentistry for over 26 years, longer than anyone else in Colorado. We are fully accredited and certified to provide you with safe and effective sedation dentistry.

Will my insurance cover IV sedation?

Answer: Because of the wide variety of insurance plans that exists, there is no single answer to this question. In general, most dental insurance plans do cover part or all of the cost of IV sedation. We suggest that you check with your insurance provider prior to your appointment to confirm your plan’s benefits.

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