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Children?s dental health is as important as their entire health, and it?s helpful to establish good dental hygiene right from the beginning. Dental hygiene requires regular dental visits. Here at Dentistry at Happy Canyon, home of wonderful children’s dentistry in Castle Rock, CO, children are embraced and receive special care to reinforce their positive view of the dentist. We do our best to make brushing, flossing and office visits fun.

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Kids who begin visiting the dentist at an early age are much less likely to experience dental anxiety. Each child is treated individually, which enables us to focus on their unique needs and build a relationship based on dental excellence. By taking a gentle, cheerful approach, we can eliminate any fears children may have about general dentistry and foster a sense of responsibility for their own dental health.

Establish Good Habits Early

We love to witness the role of good oral hygiene in kids: they learn good habits, maintain their radiant smiles and exhibit confidence and pride in their smiles. Our dedication to educating, creating awareness and empowering people to make treatment choices that are consistent with their own beliefs, needs and desires is no different when serving children.

Is your child up-to-date on their dental exams? Are you working with an outstanding, trustworthy dentist who puts special emphasis on kids? With our Castle Rock, CO, children’s dentistry, your kids learn that visiting the dentist can be fun.

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“Very engaging, kind and friendly. We visited Dentistry at Happy Canyon originally for my oldest daughter and they were so great with her that we switched my youngest daughter over to them as well. The timing worked out great because my wife and I were looking for a new dentist and because they were so kid friendly? now we all go to Happy Canyon. The offices are in a nice clean area and the facilities are beautiful and clean as well. Working with the office staff on payment and insurance has never been so easy. I would definitely recommend Happy Canyon to anyone and everyone.”

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Date published: 2012-03-13
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