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Finding the best orthodontic treatment in Castle Rock, CO for your children may raise several questions. Our specialized focus on orthodontics allows us to give you the most precise diagnosis and treatment plan, based on a healthy model of an ideal, natural dentition. Orthodontic therapy depends upon the critical relationships of how the jaw joints interact with teeth, muscles and the bite. By focusing on the position and stability of the jaw joint, we understand how teeth should come together in the bite. Proper teeth positions eliminate excessive wear and damage. You might like to read about what sets us apart.

Not every orthodontist agrees on these fundamentals, so consider these questions when evaluating an orthodontist or seeking a second opinion. Does your orthodontic professional just look at aligning teeth? Is bite correction therapy considered, to position teeth to protectively chew, function, and look as nature intended?

How will orthodontic treatment affect my airway, positively or negatively?

The airway, our ability to breathe, is of critical importance to our survival. With today?s advanced radiographic analysis, the efficiency of breathing can be evaluated. Orthodontics can influence either positively or negatively how we breathe now and in the future.

A diagnosis by an informed health care practitioner may make the difference in your quality of life. Orthodontics is no longer just about straight teeth.

Biologic Orthodontic Therapy is the key to a healthy functioning chewing system that supports our health for the rest of our lives. Request a state of the art ?Airway Analysis? using a 3-D airway scan and take the first step to getting the proper amount of air to breathe normally.

How are orthodontics, dentistry and my airway related? How will my orthodontic professional handle any potential negative airway effects? Will he/she able to coordinate my orthodontic treatment so that my airway is patent or open upon completion of treatment?

Lack of a functional airway can lead to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which in turn can lead to periods of hypoxia, alveolar hypoventilation, hypercapnia, and acidosis. These metabolic changes and the increased cardiovascular effort associated with apneic episodes greatly increase the risk of developing systemic hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, cardiovascular disease, cor pulmonale and stroke. Systemic hypertension is common in patients with OSA and my be difficult to control until the apnea is treated. OSA also contributes to the development of insulin resistant diabetes.

The diagnosis of OSA often requires a polysomnographic testing during sleep. This test is another specialty offered by your dentist in Castle Rock, CO, here at Dentistry at Happy Canyon.

What are your specific treatment goals, and do they include the Biologic Health Model?

What is your orthodontic professionals model of health and specific goals for completing treatment? Is it simply cosmetic tooth alignment for straight teeth or is it bite correction therapy that creates an optimal bite with teeth that protectively chew, function, and look as nature intended?

Will my orthodontist mount my diagnostic teeth models on a jaw simulator to accurately evaluate the position of my jaw joints and the health of my bite?

In order to accurately evaluate the relationship of the upper and lower jaws, teeth, and joints, it is essential to utilize a chewing stimulator with facebow transfer, stabilize joint recordings and diagnostic mounted models of the teeth.

How will you, as my orthodontic professional, evaluate the relative positions of my jaw joints and teeth: before, during, and after my treatment?

Establishing a healthy TMJ (jaw joint) is the first priority for creating long lasting, stability in orthodontics. The ideal relationship of the teeth with their jaw joints must be an important step for a successful result.

Many orthodontic offices see a large number of patients and it is quite common in these offices to have auxiliary personnel providing care, but not in our office. Dr. Rayl will personally oversee all orthodontic care and evaluate the progress and tooth relationships at every appointment. Proper TMJ position will be monitored and maintained before, during and after orthodontic treatment. The ultimate goal is to help you have the optimal biologic health and a smile that will last a lifetime.

Will you be using a CBCT to provide important diagnostic information in these areas?

By using high-tech 3-D digital imaging, (CBCT), we determine TMJ health in conjunction with the bones of the skull, bone around the teeth, airway, sinuses, and nasal passages to gauge potential problems within soft tissues or the skeleton. A complete evaluation includes the TMJ, skeletal system, chewing mechanics, and the airway, which all form a critical part of our diagnosis. We believe all orthodontic treatment should include these interconnected factors.

How do you ensure proper form of my teeth and successful treatment?

Worn teeth are commonly present in our patients prior to treatment, particularly with adults. Crowding and excessive wear happens with teeth that do not perfectly match, as in the biological model of straight, aligned teeth. Therefore, proper jaw position is vital throughout the entire orthodontic process, and to be able to restore teeth into optimal alignment for long-term health. This treatment requires the specialized training of a bioesthetic professional, Dr. Rayl. Other orthodontists are unable to perform dental restorations or placement of additive form onto teeth. Dr. Rayl routinely places dental restorations upon teeth whose form is worn or broken down.

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