Root Canals

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Tooth damage is fairly common and can occur from trauma, inadequate oral hygiene or other contributing factors. Sometimes the tooth needs to be sterilized, requiring a root canal. Castle Rock, CO dentist, Dr. Rayl wants you to know root canal therapy is almost always performed because a tooth is causing pain from an irreversible condition and this procedure is used to alleviate pain.


With current anesthesia including sedation dentistry and modern techniques and equipment, root canals in Castle Rock, CO are actually very comfortable. Very few patients feel any sensitivity during the procedure at all. Everyone who has an infected tooth feels relief right after the procedure, due to the sterilization and cleansing of the affected tooth.

If dental fear or anxiety is factoring on your decision to seek information on root canals, sedation dentistry can help. Feel free to deeply relax during your treatment, without sensation of the procedure or any dental sounds and smells. Sedation is safe and only administered by certified professionals who monitor your well-being throughout your procedure, enabling vital work to be performed.

If you are considering a root canal in Castle Rock, CO, Dr. Jeffrey Rayl can give you back the comfort and function of a healthy smile. Our office is happy to discuss any of your concerns, so call for your root canal consultation today.

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